• Dec 5, 2015
3 Things Your Extermination Company Wants You to Know

There’s plenty to learn from pest removal professionals – from how to handle issues that you already have, to things you can do to prevent future infestations.

Read on to find out 3 things your extermination company wants you to know:

  1. A Tidy Kitchen Isn’t Enough: While many pests are attracted to dirty dishes, food and open bags of chips on the counter, these aren’t the only things that make your home a magnet. Moisture also plays a big part in attracting and sustaining pests. Therefore, keep your gutters unclogged, and make sure that the downspouts direct water away from the foundation. Drain baths and decorative pools regularly.

  2. There’s Nothing You Can Do to Keep Certain Bugs Away: You might think that good hygiene will prevent you from getting bedbugs. Your extermination company will tell you that this is not true. Bedbugs could care less about moisture or food – they want your blood. Since they hitchhike on furniture, clothing or luggage, be sure to examine items before they come into your home.

  3. A Bug Exterminator Can Do a Lot, But He/She Can’t Do Everything: Your extermination technician will make every effort to successfully eradicate your pest issues, but if you don’t do your bit, don’t expect a victorious outcome. Follow his/her advice about fixing those screen windows, keeping the garage door closed, etc.

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