• May 3, 2017
8 Tips To Keep Your Backyard Pest Free During The Summer

While many insects are beneficial to the environment, some are just complete pests, especially if you are trying to enjoy some outdoor time with family and friends. A backyard pest could ruin an otherwise perfect outdoor gathering.

Some of these pests not only bite, but carry disease. A yellow jacket sting seems to hang on forever. Ticks and mosquitoes carry diseases such as Lyme disease, dengue fever, West Nile virus and malaria. Even ants and flies carry diseases that could affect your health.

Tips to Keep Your Backyard Pest Free During the Summer

Keep your backyard pest free by taking action even before the bugs start coming out. Contact Clint Miller Exterminating starting in the late spring to start spraying along the foundation of the house. This not only helps to keep pests out of the backyard, but out of your house, too.

  1. Mosquitoes: Be sure to have plenty of bug spray available and that the spray contains DEET. If you don't care for the stickiness, purchase the spray that goes on dry. Burn citronella candles around the yard to help deter mosquitoes. Ensure that there is no standing water in the yard. Unused flower pots and other items that hold water should be cleaned out and stored upside down or in a shed.

  2. Yellow Jackets: These pests are attracted by fragrances and food. Their sting packs a punch, and could even be deadly to those who are allergic. Use non-scented shampoos and don't wear perfume or cologne while you are partying outside. Yellow jackets are also attracted to food. Keep food covered tightly. Serve drinks in clear plastic cups – they will easily hide in cans and bottles. Keep the trash bin tightly covered and away from the party area.

  3. Check screen doors and window screens. Be sure to repair any holes, especially if your gathering is on a screened porch.

  4. Ensure that guests close doors tightly behind them.

  5. Clean up any spills and crumbs right away. Not only will they attract flying insects, but they will attract ants.

  6. Bring all utensils and food inside soon after the meal. Double check that the garbage container's lid is in place and is tight.

  7. To make serving easier, serve inside the house and let guests carry their plates outside. Not only does this make cleanup easier, but it also helps to keep insects away from outdoor eating areas.

  8. Be sure to rinse out all cans and bottles before you dispose of them. When you do dispose of them, ensure that they are in a tightly closed can. Even when rinsed, yellow jackets can sniff out something to drink.

While many insects are important to your yard since they pollinate plants or eat other harmful bugs, they are still a nuisance. If you take the steps to keep the bad insects out of the yard, the good insects will have a chance to do their jobs, which is keeping your plants free of pests such as aphids.

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

If you do find that you do have an infestation that these methods won't control, contact Clint Miller Exterminating to set up an appointment to rid your home and backyard of these pests.

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