• Nov 13, 2019
Are Rodents In Your Home?

If you’ve noticed little black or brown pellets by the baseboards or on food containers, you may have a rodent infestation. You might never see a mouse, since they tend to stay out of sight. While some might think mice are cute, they could carry disease – and they make a mess. To see if you have rodents, look for signs of an infestation.

Signs of Rodents

Rodents look for dry, warm places to live. You might notice signs of rodents after a very hard rain storm in the warm months or toward the end of fall when the temperatures start to drop outside. Rodent droppings along baseboards or in closets are usually the first sign you see. Though people rarely see mice in the house since they like to stay hidden, you just might see one cruising across the floor if you catch them by surprise.

Other signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • Droppings under the sink, in closets, and cupboards and drawers.
  • Chewed up food packages. You’ll notice little holes in the packages.
  • Hidden areas, such as cupboards and closets, may have a stale smell.
  • Shredded nesting material, including fabric, paper and plant matter.
  • Chew holes in the walls or floors.
  • Rub marks from their oily fur. These are typically found along baseboards where they travel the same “trail” through your house.
  • You might hear noises in the walls in the early mornings or at night.


Rodent Prevention

If you want to prevent rodents from entering your home, you’ll have to be proactive. Every year in the spring and the fall, go on rodent control duty. Once you make repairs, you should check them every month, plus check other places where these sneaky pests are tempted to come in. Once you learn how to keep mice out of the house, it’s just a matter of keeping up with it.

  • Look for any cracks in the basement walls and skirting. Fill the cracks with steel wool, and then cover it with the type of wall treatment. For example, if you have a thick wood skirting, fill the hole with steel wool, then repair the hole with wood and wood putty. If you have block walls, fill the cracks with cement.

  • Look at pipes and wires that come through the floor into your home. Fill the area around the pipes with steel wool, then caulk the area to seal it off.

  • Make sure any dry goods are in airtight plastic containers. Never leave them in the packaging from the store.

  • If you have pets, keep their food in an airtight container. Pick up their food when they’re done eating. Free-feeding pets not only attracts mice, but it also attracts bugs.

  • Make sure outside trash cans are sealed. Keep them away from the house.

  • Take the trash in the house out every day.

  • Trim shrubs and plants, so they are away from the house. This also helps keep termites at bay.

  • Pick up any yard waste, including leaves, especially if they are against the side of your house.

Always look for sign of rodents throughout the year, and make sure any repairs you made to cracks are not compromised again.


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