• Mar 9, 2017
Are You Infested With Pests

If you notice signs of pests in your home, whether they are cockroaches, mice, spiders or other pests, you'll need to get the problem under control. However, once you notice these critters, there may already be an infestation, especially if it's cockroaches. Roaches are nocturnal, so if you see them during the daytime, their hiding places are overcrowded or they are running out of food and water.

House Infested With Pests

One of the first things you can do to see whether you are infested with pests is to look for the signs of them, including droppings, chewed furniture and wires and other signs. During the night time hours, listen for noise. They are most active at night, so you may hear them scurrying around. Put your ear on the wall and you may hear them in the walls. You'll also want to listen on the ceiling if you have an attic or on the floor if you have a crawl space.

Look for nesting areas. These will be in darker and less traveled areas of the home, such as at the back of closets, seldom-opened cabinets, under bathroom sinks, behind appliances and even in insulation in lofts. The nests also smell, use your nose and your eyes.

In the case of roaches, look for oothecae. These are brown casings that are oblong in shape that hold 10 to 20 roach eggs. The German roach ootheca may have up to 50 eggs inside. Roaches “glue” them somewhere, such as in the pantry, in the cracks in walls, in books or behind furniture. German roaches carry theirs until the eggs are ready to hatch. This makes the German roach even harder to track down.

If you haven't heard or seen anything, but smell a musty smell, check the area where you smell it carefully. Pest nests often have a musky odor, and may have a whiff of ammonia along with it. If you find a nest, you know you have an infestation and will need an exterminator such as Clint Miller Exterminating.

Visual signs include damaged wiring, damaged furniture, holes in food containers and pest leavings. Mice will chew anything, even furniture legs. Look for chew marks on baseboards, in the pantry, at the base of your cabinets and other places. It's a good idea to pull appliances away from the wall once in a while to clean under them and check for evidence of pests.

You may find leavings – urine or feces – near the base of cabinets, in closets and anywhere else that is dark and less traveled.

Most Common Places for Pests of All Kinds

The kitchen and the garage are the most common places to find signs of pests. They start in these areas ad infiltrate the rest of the house. The kitchen is a favorite spot because pests have access to food and water plus dark places to hide out. The area behind appliances is a favorite spot for many pests. This also makes laundry rooms and the area where your hot water heater and furnace or central heat and air unit are located.

The garage is also a common favorite place. While it probably doesn't have the food source, it's easy access to the house. It's a matter of time before they get into the house, if they aren't inside already. If you find signs of pests in the garage, have Clint Miller Exterminating get rid of them as soon as possible so that they don't enter the house if they haven't already.

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