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  • Oct 8, 2021
The Uninvited Guest: As Fall Approaches, So Do Rodents

Getting rid of rodents that decide to make your home their home isn't the easiest thing in the world. However, with some prevention, you can minimize the chances of these pests taking refuge in your home for the fall and winter. Part of rodent control is making sure they have a hard time getting into your home in the first place. Mice and rats come in because they are looking for a warm place, food and water.


Rodents in My Home


You can find mice in home and other rodents in home by looking for signs of a rodent infestation of them in corners, along walls, under sinks, in closets, and even in any clothing you have stored for other seasons. They chew everything, including wires. Mice and other rodents also carry disease in their urine and droppings.

During the late summer, check your home thoroughly for access points. Block and fill in any cracks and holes you see on the exterior. On the inside, look under sinks, in the corners of closets, and in the attic for places rodents might enter. You can put out mouse control and rat control in the form of snap traps to get rid of rodents. However, not all mouse control is going to work all of the time. These pests are smart, so you'll often catch one or two, and the others avoid the traps. You can also use mothballs in clothing to keep mice and moths out of stored clothing.

Additionally, make sure your pipes under the house and the sinks are not leaking and that you have all food packed in plastic or glass containers if it comes in poly bags or cardboard. Make sure you keep pet food and water picked up. And, clean up any crumbs right away.


Professional Rodent Control


If you find it difficult to evict all of the mice and your rodent prevention doesn't seem to be working, you might need a professional to help you with rat control and mice prevention. If you tried to take preventative measures and mice are still getting in, you might need a professional's help to eradicate the mice. However, it is useless to get rid of them when they can continue to get in.

Our trained pest professionals can locate entry points that you might have missed, such as areas of your home with loose mortar and weatherstripping. Additionally, if you have firewood piled close to the house, you will need to move it. Mice will hide in the pile of wood. They'll also hide under rocks you have near your home.

If you have bushes next to your home, you might consider moving them. Not only are they a way for mice to get into your home, but they are superhighways for bugs, including termites. All bushes, woodpiles, rock products, and even old tires, should be at least 20 feet away from your home.

Once our techs find the items you missed, we can help set traps and take other rodent control measures to evict these pests from your home.


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If you cannot get rid of the mice in your home, contact Clint Miller Exterminating for help finding their access points and employing mice control inside to eradicate these pests.

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