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  • Dec 30, 2020
Can DIY Rodent Control End Up Costing You More Money?


Depending on the size of the infestation and whether you start DIY rodent control before the infestation gets too big, it could cost more to do it yourself. Rodent control plug in devices are expensive and do not always work. If you don’t take preventative measures, you will constantly fight a growing population.

Using a professional pest control service such as Clint Miller Exterminating can end up saving you money in the long run because the experienced technicians will look for rodent entry points in addition to setting traps.


Rodent Control Methods


You could trap forever and not eradicate an infestation no matter what rodent control brands and rodent control products you use if you don’t control entry into your home and eradicate all food and water sources that attract these pests, including those inside and outside.

While you are preparing your home to help control rodents, you can try electronic rodent control and other rodent control methods to get a head start on weeding out the population of these pests. You should also set traps, including live traps, bait traps and even sticky and spring traps.


Look for Signs of Rodents and Seal Entry Points

Before you start, you need to find the entry points for these pests. Look for signs of rodents, including the greasy trails they leave along baseboards, rodent feces, and nesting materials. Set traps along the trails and near nesting materials.

Look for rodent entry points. Seal those entry points with material that mice won’t chew, such as mortar. You can also use steel wool to block holes, then cover the holes with drywall, plaster, or another material that matches the chewed area.


Clean Up Inside and Outside

The best way to deter more rodents from entering your home is to make it less inviting for rodents and other pests. Inside, make sure food and water sources are not available. Repair leaky pipes and store food in hard plastic, metal, or glass containers. Keep pet food off the floor.

Outside, keep shrubs at least three feet away from the house. Make sure firewood and rocks are not near your home. In fact, these items should be as far from your home as possible. Get rid of debris such as leaves and sticks that might be piled up near any buildings.


Rodent Control Cost


Part of rodent control cost is rodent infestation cleanup cost. Most people can do this themselves, though it’s akin to spring cleaning. You need to locate any place rodents were in hour home and be sure to clean everything with disinfectant. This involves moving heavy furniture and appliances, so you may need help.

Because rodents carry and spread disease, always wear gloves when picking up dead rodents and cleaning up after them.

When determining how much rodent control cost will be, you need to look at the cost for the following, whether you hire someone or do it yourself:

  • Locating and blocking entry points.

  • Cleaning up your yard, especially the areas close to your home.

  • Going through your cabinets and purchasing containers for your dry goods.

  • Cleaning up after the rodents, including moving furniture and using disinfectant to clean floors.

  • Buying and setting traps.

You can combine doing some of this yourself and hiring professionals to help you.


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