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  • Sep 14, 2020
The Dangers of Excess Moisture In Your Home

When you think about moisture in your house, you might not realize just what the implications really are. Humidity is uncomfortable but it's not actually a threat, right? But the more water in your home, the more likely it is you'll end up with anything from peeling paint to deadly mold. It creates an environment for bacteria where they can not only survive but multiply by the trillions. Allergies spring up, termites move in, and colonies of fungi can start stretching into your common spaces. It's not only offputting, it can actively work to degrade your health and home from the inside out. See why you might want to take action now before the problem spins out of control. 


How Can Moisture Affect My Home

From water seeping toward your electrical appliances to rotting wood, the effects of moisture can be severe. You're likely already familiar with the most common culprits of unwanted water. Leaking pipes cause water to get into the interior spaces. Poorly functioning gutters can lead to water seeping into the basement. (Poor drainage and landscaping can lead to the same result.) But moisture can sometimes just come from everyday activities, such as cooking or showering. It might be due to your humidifier or air conditioner. All that moisture accumulates in the fibers of your carpets and the crawlspaces that you rarely visit. Some solutions are relatively easy, like turning off your appliances when you notice moisture or using a dehumidifier from time to time. But if you have serious moisture accumulation and the water is coming from the outside, you might need to consider waterproofing the home entirely. 


How Can Moisture Affect My Health

Homes with excess moisture are 50% more likely to have mold. In the most extreme cases, mold can actually cause death to residents. Mold and moisture can also corrode your electrical wiring. This can eventually short a circuit and cause a fire, resulting in smoke damage to your lungs. More commonly, you'll find yourself coughing or sneezing more when you're in certain parts of the home. You might also run into more bugs, which can potentially spread disease through their saliva. Moisture control is especially important for pet owners as animals might be the first to feel the effects, and it's not always immediately clear what they're suffering from. 


Contact Clint Miller Exterminating 

Clint Miller Exterminating is here to help you find the solutions to keeping your home as safe as possible. We offer basement waterproofing and moisture barriers that can be designed for any kind of home. We focus on the most vulnerable areas of the structure, such as a vented (or in some cases barely vented) crawlspace. Our team can use a tear-resistant vapor liner to cover the ground and keep your home out of harm's way. Protecting your home and your health starts by taking care of the most dangerous threats first. A moisture barrier can also keep your insulation in place, reduce odors, and keep your crawl space looking good. It's an excellent way to make your home that much more comfortable in terms of temperature and humidity. Call us today to find out more about how our services and help breathe a little easier (literally)!

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