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  • Mar 12, 2021
Do I Have Termites? Signs of Termite Infestation

If you suspect you have a termite infestation in house, you should look for signs of termite infestation, including weak walls, piles of sawdust and mud tubes. These pests will eat wood, books, paper, insulation, and even pool liners and filtration systems. They also go after woody plants that are not healthy but will feed on living plants. Termites eat along the grain of the wood, which means that soft wood along the walls that run along the grain probably means you have termites.


Termite Infestation

Reading blogs that tell you how to get rid of termites and how to get rid of termites in walls with over-the-counter poisons will make you waste money. If you have a termite infestation, you need professional-strength chemicals to make sure you get rid of the infestation. Not only are aftermarket treatments ineffective, but you won’t be able to get to the termites in the walls.


Additionally, if you don’t use the proper chemicals for the type of termite you have, you won’t kill all of the termites.


If the termite infestation is bad enough, Clint Miller Exterminating will tent your entire house, which kills the termites in the walls and on the ground under and around your house.


Signs of Termite Infestation

If you see signs of a termite infestation, you will most likely need a termite infestation treatment. The signs of termites include:

  • Sawdust piles near baseboards, windows, door frames, and along walls. The “frass” is termite droppings. They move their droppings outside of their tunnels.

  • Swarms of termites. While all species swarm after a rain, certain species will swarm at night, and others will swarm during the day.

  • If you put your ear up to the wall and hear a noise, that is termites eating your house. You should try to listen on an accessible beam for the best results.

  • Both males and females of the flying species discard their wings during the spring. If you see wings in or around your home and you don’t have a termite infestation yet, you could have one pretty soon, especially if the wings are close to or in the house.


Once you notice the signs of termites, it is already too late – you have an infestation that needs to be eradicated immediately. The termites will only get worse as they breed and need to feed more of them. Look for tunnels under the house on the floor joists and outside the house near the ground.


Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

If you see signs of termites in or under your home, you already have an infestation. If you see the termites near your home, such as in a rotten stump near your home, you should check your home for termites.

If you are not comfortable with finding the termites yourself, we can check your house and, at the same time, spray the area around the stump and check to see if the termites are tunneling under the ground toward your home.

When you need help with termite control or eradicating an existing termite infestation, contact Clint Miller Exterminating today.

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