Waterproofing Increases Home Value
  • Oct 30, 2020
Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value

Moisture in your home can do a lot of damage, from creating mold to rotting wood, affecting the electrical in your home, and attracting pests. Basement waterproofing not only mitigates all of the problems with moisture and humidity, but adding moisture control to your home increases your home’s value. When you waterproof your basement, you make your home last longer, thus add value to it.


Basement Waterproofing Health Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of basement waterproofing is keeping you and your family healthy. When water gets into your home, it creates moisture and mold. In addition to strengthening your basement by blocking leaks, it keeps mold-forming moisture out of your home.

Mold and mildew cause respiratory problems and exacerbates asthmatic attacks. For those who already have breathing problems, including COPD, the mold spores make it more difficult to breathe and affect the quality and length of life.


Return on Investment for Basement Waterproofing

Adding a moisture barrier by waterproofing my home protects your home, thus adding value to it. When you have to replace rotten wood and electrical components damaged by moisture before you sell, you end up losing money.

When you add a waterproof or water-resistant moisture barrier to your basement or crawlspace, you reduce a lot of moisture entering those spaces, which in turn, reduces maintenance you have to do on your home. Buyers also value your property more when you waterproof your basement. While you might use the basement for storage, a home buyer might want to create a living space by adding more bedrooms, an office, or even a game room.

Even if a buyer doesn’t plan on finishing the basement, they’ll know that they have a clean, dry space to store their possessions.

Additionally, water will eventually erode the basement’s structure. When you add waterproofing, you strengthen the basement’s integrity by filling in cracks. It also prevents further erosion of the cement and / or block.

Additional benefits of waterproofing your basement include:

  • Saving energy. When moisture gets into your home, your HVAC system works harder to maintain the temperature and remove moisture from the air, particularly during time months where the outside humidity is high. Waterproofing your basement keeps the moisture out; thus, reduces the work your HVAC unit has to do.

  • Pests. Moisture attracts pests, including spiders. When you remove the moisture, you are less likely to see pests looking for a water source. The waterproofing also blocks cracks in the cement or blocks, which makes it harder for pests to get into your basement.

  • Keeping it clean. In addition to pests, a lot of dirt and dust can come in through porous materials like cement. Waterproofing your basement keeps it dry, making it easier to clean. It also reduces the amount of dirt that finds its way into your basement.

  • Better return on ROI. When you use your basement for storage, it’s just that: A storage place that is not worth as much as living space. However, with a clean, dry basement that you finish, you have a ton of extra living space. A two-bedroom home commands less than a three- or four-bedroom home. You can add extra bedrooms, another bathroom, a home office, or other amenities to increase the value of your home.


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