• Feb 10, 2020
Does My Waterproofing Protection Need Updating?

Does your home have proper moisture control measures in place? If not, you may need an update to fully protect your basement, foundation, crawlspaces, baths and other areas from the many potential problems water can cause.

Excess moisture can result in a range of problems in every area of your home. In your crawlspace, excess moisture can attract termites and other destructive insects, initiate mold growth, and result in rotting wood. Crawlspace moisture also can cause unpleasant odors within your living area.

Professional waterproofing services can keep moisture — from rain, soil seepage and interior leaks — out of your basement, crawlspaces and living areas of your home. Without effective moisture barriers, structures can become waterlogged and begin to deteriorate. 

The professionals at Clint Miller Exterminating can help protect your home by installing moisture barrier as well as French drains and a variety of other waterproofing measures.


How Long Does Waterproofing Last?

Water seepage and damage can occur anywhere in your home, but it’s most likely in bathrooms and basements.

Protecting your home requires attention to moisture that can come in from outside, as well as water originating within the structure. Achieving effective waterproofing involves installing a protective membrane that keeps water from leaking into the porous, outer walls of your home.

The effective lifetime of professionally installed waterproofing solutions can vary, but some providers offer warranties of up to 10 years or more. A number of factors — including the age and type of structure of your home, climate, and steam produced within your home by appliances — can affect how long your waterproofing solution will last. 

Older homes may need more-frequent updating of moisture barrier and other waterproofing measures. You can help extend the life of your waterproofing protection with some proactive steps, including use of water-resistant paint and installation of drains as needed.


Preventative Waterproofing Saves You Money

Taking steps to update your waterproofing protection can provide significant financial savings. You can expect to pay an average square-foot cost of approximately $3 to $9 for a basement waterproofing solution, including waterproofing materials and waterproofing spray, as well as labor. 

In addition, comprehensive drainage solutions can cost between $2,000 and $6,000, while filling cracks and completing other minor repairs may run around $1,500. Complex repairs, including foundation and drainage problems, can cost $10,000 or more to complete.

By updating your waterproofing protection now — before you encounter a serious issue — you save money even as you invest in the future safety, structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home. While it’s possible to undertake small waterproofing repairs on your own, a professional waterproofing service provider can help you avoid problems in the future.


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Are you having problems in your home with high humidity, condensation or moisture seeping through your foundation walls? A professional waterproofing strategy that includes appropriate moisture barrier and drainage can help keep your home dry and healthy for you and your family.

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