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  • May 13, 2021
Don’t Scratch that Itch: Mosquito Bite Treatment

Let’s face it – mosquito bites are no fun. With the summer quickly approaching, mosquito season will be alive and well. A mosquito bite can make you miserable. These tiny creatures are seen as unassuming, but they carry diseases and parasites. Three pairs of thin legs, a pair of wings, two long antennae, and a mouth shaped like a beak can wreak havoc on your body. Being ready for mosquitoes' onslaught (because they are coming) can help prepare for infected mosquito bites.

Once you’re bitten, there are ways to stop itching from mosquito bites, the first learning how not to scratch. While most people think you can use sprays and citronella candles, some mosquitos aren’t fazed by the theatrics. Equipping yourself and your surroundings against a mosquito infestation is one of the best things you can do.


Mosquito bites

Who do mosquitos bite? Everyone if you have the right smell. What do mosquito bites look like? You’ll see them show up on your skin quickly, like a small, round, puffy dot, or you’ll feel your skin start itching. In most cases, you’ll have several bites. Why do mosquito bites itch? It’s because the body is reacting. Once the skin is broken, the body notices a foreign substance. Your immune system is responding to the intrusion. If you aren’t infected, these bites clear up on their own in a day or two.


Allergic to mosquito bites

Why do mosquitoes bite? People who are allergic experience infected mosquito bites that can be very harmful, especially if they are allergic to mosquito bitesOne of the best things you can do when going outdoors is to cover up as much as possible and make sure the area is professionally sprayed with deterrents that will keep them away. If you are bitten and are looking for a remedy for mosquito bites, many over-the-counter solutions may help. If the reaction is very severe, such as shortness of breath, fever, or vomiting, getting medical treatment is recommended, as the mosquito may have been carrying an infection that will cause severe harm. Generally, ice packs, calamine lotion, or anti-itch cream usually work well to help you feel better.


Contact Clint Miller Exterminating (CTA)

You don’t have to suffer this summer with mosquito bites. The team at Clint Miller Exterminating specializes in mosquito fogging to ensure you, your family, and pets are protected against a mosquito infestation. One of the most important things you can do is avoid standing water around your property. Most of the time, mosquitos congregate in areas where they feel comfortable. The goal is to make them uncomfortable enough where they won’t think about returning. Now’s the time to act and get your yard ready for the summer to avoid being in a position where mosquitos have taken over.

For more information on mosquito fogging and how this can help get your yard in order, contact an associate at Clint Miller Exterminating for a consultation and recommendation on moving forward.

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