Clint Miller's Fall Pest Guide
  • Sep 24, 2021
Fall Pest Guide: 5 Common Fall Pests to Look Out For

With fall just around the corner, it's time to get ready to combat fall insects and other pests. You shouldn't be asking, "What bugs come out in fall?" but instead, ask yourself, "What bugs and rodents do I have to prepare for?" Rodents, German cockroaches, spiders, beetles, and ladybugs are all going to be looking for a warm place where they can find food and water to overwinter.




While it's still warm, check your home thoroughly for rodent access points. Block all of them. Look under sinks, in closets, and the attic for access points. Check the exterior of your home and block cracks in the foundation and any holes you see in the exterior walls. A mouse doesn't need a very big hole to get through, so if you see one, don't think it's too small.

Additionally, make sure all food is in heavy plastic containers. Don't store pasta and rice in their boxes or plastic bags. Keep pet food picked up. Check for leaks under sinks and in crawlspaces. The mice, as well as bugs, will look for moisture when locating a winter home.


German Cockroaches


You'll usually find an infestation of cockroaches in kitchens and bathrooms. They'll eat anything that has nutritional value to them, including glue and toothpaste. They'll enter your house through cracks or hitchhike in on cardboard boxes, drink boxes, grocery bags and used appliances you bring in. If you bring home used furniture from someone who has roaches, you'll end up with an infestation.

Roaches can have up to six generations in a year, and that's a lot of roaches! You can try to get rid of them yourself, but you might need a professional because they are so hard to keep up with.




While spiders can help you by eradicating other bugs in your house, you really don't want to deal with spider webs everywhere. Additionally, some spiders are poisonous and could cause severe damage. A brown recluse's saliva has a poison that eats your flesh, causing a small hole at the bite site. It could also cause blood poisoning. And unlike Daddy Longlegs, who are harmless to humans and usually hang out on walls, the brown recluse will hide in dark places, such as your closet and your shoes.




You might see beetles handing around your porch or the house. While many beetles are harmless, it can be annoying when they get inside your home. Make sure your screens are in good condition. You can trap them in a paper cup and put them outside. Or you can squish them.




Ladybugs – the right species – are harmless and cute. However, their cousin, the Asian lady beetles, can bite. And they love light-colored homes. They'll flock to your house and cover the exterior walls. The best way to get rid of them is to vacuum them up. Make sure you empty the vacuum before you bring it back inside.


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