• Dec 4, 2019
How to Prevent Ladybugs from Invading Your Home

If you’ve ever seen small, beetle-like creatures that are typically red or yellow with black spots, you’ve spotted a ladybug. Although they are usually harmful, they can have a profound effect if they decide to infest your home. In fact, there are certain times of the year ladybugs come out in droves. While homeowners don’t take issue with one or two, there are some homes that get taken over by a ladybug infestation. Why is this happening? Ladybugs love homes with wooded areas or those that are warmed by sunlight. They are also attracted by older homes and those with natural wood siding. They keep coming back because they’ve left pheromones which takes them back to their last location. Although they can be a nuisance, they haven’t been found to carry any diseases; don’t damage structures; and are beneficial in the garden.


When Do Ladybugs Come Out?
Ladybugs are particular creatures and don’t like the cold weather. This plays a major role in ladybug infestation causes. You’ll usually see an influx of ladybugs when it’s warm outside. Once it starts getting cooler, they will find a warm spot to reside – even if it’s inside your home. Any crack or crevice they can find to slip through and Wherever it’s sunny, you’ll find them. Ladybugs tend to increase in population during the spring and summer months where they are able to feed, live among tender foliage and lay additional eggs. Ladybugs are so tiny, it’s easy to initially miss them. Telltale signs that they have taken up residence in the home will be remnants on the window sills and other warm places where the sun shines.


Ladybug Prevention
It can be difficult figuring out how to get rid of ladybugs or preventing them from invading the home. The problem can be solved by using a quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk to seal cracks around the windows, doors, siding and utility pipes. If there are any visible cracks behind the chimney or underneath the wood fascia, these should also be sealed. Any screens on the doors or windows should be repaired or replaced. Vacuum often to remove any debris from the ladybugs. In severe cases of infestation, the assistance of a licensed ladybug pest control technician is needed to locate, assess and provide a solution to the problem, as no two ladybugs in home infestations are alike.


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