• Oct 29, 2019
Keep Rodents Out of Your Home This Fall

Before the cool weather hits and urges rodents to look for a warm, dry place to stay for the winter, block rodent access points. Part of rodent control is preventing them from finding ways into your home. The other part is using the proper rodent control products and services to eradicate the mice that do get in. Keep food in airtight containers and make sure you don’t have water leaks. Food and water attract these pests when it is getting ready to get cold. Also, once rodents get into your home, it’s difficult to get them out. If you noticed signs of rodents in your home and have not had luck trapping them, it’s time to call a professional like Clint Miller Exterminating.

Rodent Control Products

You could combine several rodent control methods and rodent control devices to get rid of these pests. Methods include sealing holes, storing food in airtight containers and keeping pet food put away when your pets are not eating. The cost of rodent control could be minimal if you prep your home before you try to get rid of the mice.

Snap traps, electronic traps, live animal traps, glue traps and poison all have their place. However, if you have pets and small children, you should avoid glue traps and poison. If your pet eats a poisoned mouse, the poison in the mouse could make your pet sick or even kill it. Glue traps could trap small pets, birds and lizards. Live animal traps are good, but you need to release the rodents quite far away from your home. If you release them close, even a couple hundred of feet into the woods or a field, they will find their way back to your home.

If you have small children, you should also put snap traps in places where the mice run, but where your children cannot get to the traps, including along baseboards behind furniture. If you see signs of mice in a closet or other enclosed space, you may use traps in there, as long as your children cannot get access to the area.

Rodent Control Services

If you have a heavy infestation of rodents, you may have to contact Clint Miller Exterminating for professional rodent control services. Even if you think you found all of their access points, you may have missed some, especially if you have a basement or an attic where it is more difficult to find their entry points. Even crawl spaces pose extra problems when trying to locate entry points, especially if you have a thick layer of insulation below the floor.

Even when you learn how to get rid of rodents in my home, you may not be able to trap them all, or you may find that mice keep finding ways in. Our experienced technicians will locate all of the hidden entry points and the put traps where the rodents run through your home.

While mice are cute, you don’t want them inside. They may carry disease, they leave their droppings everywhere and they chew wires, which could become a fire hazard.

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

If you tried to get rid of mice yourself but keep seeing signs of rodents, contact Clint Miller Exterminating for professional rodent control. We will look for the rodents’ entry points and place traps in strategic places meant to trap them.

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