• Mar 5, 2016
Mosquitos Don’t Like Fresh Sweat – They Like OLD Sweat

It was once believed that mosquitos were attracted to human sweat, but scientists have disproven that actual sweat attracts them. Rather, they are lured by chemical changes produced by microorganisms in sweat. On its own, sweat is odorless until the microorganisms act on it. While mosquitos aren’t attracted to fresh sweat, they’ll be all over you if you offer them some fermented sweat.

A study done in the late 1990s found that, after 1 to 2 days of incubation, malarial mosquitos find human sweat attractive. During this time, microorganisms in the sweat have multiplied, which alter the pH from acidic to alkaline, when some of the sweat components decay into ammonia. They also discovered that malarial mosquitos are attracted to foot odor; in fact, they’ll even bite stinky socks if you hang them up after wearing them for a couple of days.

Not only are some odors irresistible to mosquitos, but others have been found to impede their ability to find hosts, some of which are secreted by human bodies. One such compound is 1-methylpiperzine, which impairs mosquitos’ sense of smell, rendering them oblivious to the presence of an appetizing human hand in the vicinity. Some humans appear to secrete more of this natural substance than others, so they are essentially invisible to mosquitos, which helps explain why some people are bitten more than others.

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