• Jan 15, 2014
Preventative Termite Treatments Can Save Your Home

If you find termite tubs or flying termites on your property, it is immediately obvious that you have a problem. And with some pest problems, all that is necessary is to remove the offenders. However, with termites, the situation is far different. Termites can literally consume your home around you, and often you never even know you have a problem until it’s too late. This is especially true with subterranean termites, which tend to devour from the inside out, so the damage isn’t known until the structure is weak enough to fall.


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Because of the potential for great damage to a home, the best way to deal with termites is through preventative termite treatments and understanding and preventing the situations that encourage them to choose your home. The risk of subterranean termites can be reduced by providing them with a food source away from the home that is more appealing. Pest control companies can install bait stations around the home to act as a barrier.

Prevent Termites From Damaging Your Home

In addition to preventative termite treatments, there are other steps a homeowner can do to minimize the risk of a termite infestation. You should always keep mulch, dead plants, firewood and debris away from the foundation of the home. Termites also need water, so keep rain water and irrigation away from the foundation. Trellises and flower planters should not be placed against the house, as they provide easy access for termites.

Steps to preventing termite infestions:

  1. Scheduling routine termite inspections from a qualified expert - schedule your free inspection here.
  2. Remove access to crawlspaces of your home
    1. Seal gaps around gas and water lines
    2. Fix holes in the foundation of your home
  3. Reduce excess moisture by preventing water from accumulating around the foundation and in your yard
  4. Remove termite food sources, like dead trees, firewood, and other dry woods around your home

In addition, an annual inspection should be done on the home to be sure termite treatments have worked because they are not 100% successful. Termites are crafty creatures and persistent in their desire to continue the species.  While they provide a useful task when they clean up debris wood in the world, we sure don’t want them destroying our homes!

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