Signs of a Rodent Infestation
  • Feb 19, 2020
Signs of a Rodent Infestation


If you’ve begun to suspect that you might have a rodent in your home or are wondering how to keep mice out of the home, you’re in the right place. Recognizing the signs early is very important in ensuring the easiest cleanup possible. The most common signs of rodent infestation include:
  1. Mouse or rat droppings throughout your home, especially in corners and nooks
  2. Partially eaten food and packaging in your cupboards, like a bag of cookies or cereal gnawed open
  3. Unexplained urine odor (often not present when there is just one rodent but more obvious with large infestations); dried rat urine has a musky odor that's hard to miss
  4. Scratching and scuttering noises at night or when the home is dark and quiet
  5. The presence of nests made of shredded paper and debris
  6. Bite or gnawing marks on wooden furniture, baseboards, or cupboards

You might also suspect an infestation if you pets behave strangely, whining, sniffing, or pawing in tight spaces, like under the oven or the fridge or alongside cabinets.


Rodent Infestation Meaning

When rodents like mice, rats, moles, and voles find a way into your home and make it their home, too, you have a rodent infestation. Whether just one or a family of critters are in your home, it can pose dangers to you and your family and cause damage to your house and belongings. For most people, fear of rodents and the sounds they make within the walls, cupboards, and other areas of your home cause nervousness and anxiety in addition to the issues previously mentioned. The sooner you recognize that there are invaders in your home and take measures to clean up the infestation, the better opportunity you have to minimize risk of health hazards and damage to your home.


Rodent Infestation Cleanup

There are several steps you can take at home to get rid of mice and other pests. First, eliminate entry points. Look for small openings through which they may be entering your home, like exterior doors that don’t close tightly, crumbling areas of foundation, or gaps around plumbing. Then, set mouse traps in areas where you suspect rodent infestation and bait them appropriate. Finally, clean your home thoroughly and stay ahead of messes. While a clean house doesn’t prevent mice from entering, a dirty home can quickly attract them.

Without a doubt, the easiest and safest way to get rid of mice and other pests is by hiring an expert in pest control. They know exactly what to look for and which methods are both safe and effective. Most importantly, they specialize in complete cleanup to ensure no signs of infestation once they’re done.


Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

Many people aim to tackle rodents on their own only to find weeks later – after blood, sweat, tears, and money – that they haven’t eliminated the problem. Inviting a rodent control expert into your home can save you time and money and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Finding a trustworthy pest control expert doesn’t have to be hard: Clint Miller Exterminating has extensive experience and services Concord, Mt. Pleasant, Harrisburg, Salsibury, and surrounding counties in North Carolina. You can prevent infestation anxiety and ensure all signs of the presence of pests are completely removed from your home without worry or stress by scheduling a visit from a pest control expert today. To make it as convenient and predictable as possible, we provide free quotes to all customers. Simply call Clint Miller Exterminating at 704-436-6607 or visit us online today.


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