• Jun 30, 2014
Sleep Tight & Protect Your Family from Bed Bugs

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Despite the sweet and catchy moniker your mom used to recite before tucking you in at night, once you have bed bugs, the consequences can be catastrophic. Extermination can be expensive and inconvenient, bed bugs can be very difficult to actually get rid of, and the emotional and psychological toll that bedbugs can take on you can be detrimental to your sleep habits for years to come. Avoid the negatives by taking the necessary precautions to protect your family from bed bugs.

Begin by buying your mattresses from a reputable place. Secondhand mattresses or discount mattresses that may have been stored in unclean warehouses have no guarantee of being bed bug-free. Even new mattresses should be inspected thoroughly upon arrival, as mattress companies often haul away old mattresses in the same trucks that they bring your new mattress in.

If possible, choose headboards and bed frames that are made of metal, as wood attracts bed bugs. It is also important to protect your mattresses and box springs with an anti-bed bug encasement. These protectors stop even the peskiest of bed bugs from pervading your mattress. Regular cleaning and vacuuming of your mattresses can also do wonders for protecting your family from unwanted bed bugs.

Find pictures of what bed bug infestations look like to familiarize yourself with what to look for, and then do regular inspections of your box springs and mattresses. Protecting your family and your peace of mind from bed bug infestations just takes a little effort.

If you find yourself with a bed bug problem or need help with an inspection, call us at Clint Miller Exterminating, and we’ll help you re-gain that peace of mind!

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