Clint Miller Exterminating Mosquito Control
  • Jun 26, 2020


While summertime is mostly celebrated throughout the Carolinas, few people are thrilled about the influx of mosquitos throughout their state. The US has more than 150 species of this annoying bug, and you'll find more than a third of them in North and South Carolina. When it comes to watching out for mosquitos, it's the females you need to worry about. Males will go after nectar, but females need blood to help them lay their eggs. When one bites you, they're injecting a small amount of saliva into your body. It's the saliva that causes your skin to itch until it heals, and the saliva that causes your blood to stop clotting so the mosquito can feed. We'll tell you more about mosquito control, so you can spot the signs of a mosquito infestation as soon as possible. 

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