• Aug 5, 2015
The Fear of Roaches Started With the Ancient Egyptians

If you delve into cockroach lore, you’ll quickly learn that our revulsion of them goes way back to the Ancient Egyptians when the god, Khnum, was implored by his people to banish roaches. And in Ancient Rome, the “disgusting” nature of these pests was written about by Pliny the Elder. Much later, John Smith, founder of Jamestown, spoke of the vile-smelling excrement of the “cacarooch.”

By the 19th century, roaches had well and truly carved a niche for themselves as “pests,” and they had virtually achieved global domination.

Given what we know today, it does not make logical sense for us to fear cockroaches. Unlike fleas, ticks or mosquitos, they aren’t disease carriers; neither do they feed directly on bodily fluids, skin or blood. We don’t scream when we see mosquitos, even though they are arguably the world’s deadliest insects. Yes, roaches wallow in filth, but a case of mild food-poisoning is probably as bad as it gets if a cockroach skitters across your pizza. In comparison to dengue fever, yellow fever or malaria, this is a stroll in the park.

Yet multitudes of people suffer with cockroach phobia (katsaridaphobia). An entomologist at California State University estimates that the number reaches into tens of millions, and psychologists report that some patients are too frightened to even enter a kitchen for fear of encountering roaches.

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