• Sep 5, 2015
The First Line of Attack in Ant Removal is Prevention

In general, ants are helpful insects.

Many species kill fleas, bed bugs and other creatures, and most don’t attack humans or carry diseases. However, these bugs do invade homes looking for food, and getting rid of them once they have settled, can be challenging.

The first step in ant removal is keeping a clean house. When you see scout ants, kill them right away, and then make sure you haven’t left any food out, that all kitchen surfaces are thoroughly clean, and that there are no obvious entry ways for these pests to come into your home.

Ants don’t need doors, and they’ll happily crawl under your windows or through tiny cracks in the walls. To prevent them from moving in, caulk all potential entry points, including window casings. Another DIY ant removal method is to lay down barriers such as talc or salt under the doors to repel them. But bear in mind that anything you put down will also interest children and pets, so be very careful what you use.

A large-scale infestation will require professional ant removal. The extermination services will address the problem by locating the actual colony. This typically begins by laying bait traps containing poisoned food, which are taken back to the nest. When the pest control technician finds the nest, he/she can use a variety of methods to eradicate the ants.

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