• Jun 5, 2015
The Termites Will Soon Be Swarming – Don’t Become a Victim of Damage!

It won’t be long before the termites start swarming, and some people are predicting that 2015 is going to be an especially bad year for termite activity. Every year in America, more than $5 billion worth of property damage is caused by these pests – damage that’s often not covered by insurance. Did you know that termites eat away at structures 24/7 and that a large colony can consume 1 cup of wood in 2 hours?

Unfortunately, we hear stories more often than we’d like about homes sustaining significant damage.

Usually, these tales are caused by one of two situations:

  1. Homeowners not using professional extermination services to inspect homes prior to purchasing and then finding that their new house is a nightmare of structural damage.
  2. Homeowners trying to save money by skipping termite inspections because they “didn’t notice any signs of activity,” only to discover that these silent destroyers had been ravaging their homes.

Still not convinced about how much damage they can cause? If so, just do an online search, or watch a few videos on YouTube about homeowners who have learned the hard way – these people have terrifying stories to share. Termites are pervasive. Termites are real. Fortunately, damage can be detected early and prevented. Don’t join the ranks of the many people who have incorrectly assumed that termite damage only happens to others.

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