• Jan 26, 2017
The True Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are back. "Since 2000, bed bug infestations have risen 81 percent, according to The National Pest Management Association." This resurgence has consumers nationwide on high alert, seeking information on the pests and how they can protect themselves

Bed bugs are on the increase. According to the National Pest Management Association, bed bug infestations have risen 81 percent since the years 2000. However, when it come to the truth about bed bugs, there are both facts and fiction.

True Facts About Bed Bugs

Many folks believe that bed bugs are only found in dirty hotels and dirty homes. This is not true. As a matter of fact, these bloodsuckers can be found just about anywhere. Cleanliness doesn’t matter when it comes to bed bug infestations. Do bed bugs transmit disease? The answer is no. There is no evidence that bed bugs transmit any form of disease. Scratching might lead to secondary infections, and some people may have an allergic reaction to bed bugs. That’s all.

Bed bugs feed all day long and not just at night. But nocturnal nibbling is more common. Bed bugs don’t fly or jump. These pests crawl to get around and often hitch a ride on luggage, bedding or clothing. They can crawl on your luggage in a hotel and come home with you.

More True Facts About Bed Bugs

If you wake up with bites on your body, it doesn’t mean that bed bugs are the critters that bit you. Spider, mosquito and flea bites resemble bed bug bites. At the same time, you may not have a skin reaction to a bed bug bite. Their saliva actually inhibits bleeding. You may only know of a bed bug infestation if you see them. If you’re suspecting that you have bed bugs, check loose wallpaper, furniture, bedding, mattresses and headboards. You can also check for their rust-colored excrement stains.

Bedbugs can live for a long time without feeding. They can live for months without a meal. This makes it difficult to get rid of these indoor pests. Many people believe that they have to discard clothing and furniture if they have a bed bug infestation. This is false. While it’s tough to get rid of bed bugs on items, it can be done. Clothing and bedding can be cleaned with hot water and detergent. Just be sure to set the dryer on high. Vacuuming carpeting, furniture and mattresses can remove bed bugs. Bed bugs can also be treated with a variety of pesticides.

Confirmed Facts About Bed Bugs

Oddly enough, it has been confirmed that bed bugs actually fester in alarm clocks, coffee makers and other appliances. Insect foggers are not very effective with bed bug infestations. They may even cause the bed bug population to disperse. This makes it tougher to control them. The best way to eradicate bed bug infestations is to hire a professional pest company.

These critters reproduce at an alarming rate. Bed bugs can produce up to four generations in just one year. Females produce one to five eggs per day. If you live in an area that’s cold, bed bugs can still thrive.

A bed bug infestation is troubling, challenging and can try your patience. Knowing the truth about bed bugs  can help you detect an infestation in your home as quickly as possible and guide you to eradicating them. The best bed bud infestation management plan is both do-it-yourself and professional pest control.

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