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  • Sep 25, 2020
How Much Does Waterproofing Cost


If you're wondering how much waterproofing costs, it might be because you've spotted signs of moisture somewhere in your home. Maybe it's condensation on the windows, mildew in the bathrooms, mold in the corners, or paint peeling near the crawlspace. No matter how insulated a home is, everyday activities like boiling water or taking a shower can end up putting more droplets in the air than you realize. How much your home costs to waterproof will depend on everything from its size to the configuration. It also depends on which methodology you choose. One thing's for sure though, the costs to waterproof the home are far more reasonable than the costs of failing to waterproof the home.


Basement Waterproofing Cost

The average cost of waterproofing a 1,000 sq ft basement is just over $4,100, but the actual average range is fairly large. You could pay anywhere from $3 to $9 per square foot. This includes the sealing of both interior and exterior walls. If you're just looking to make a few repairs or fill in the cracks, it will run you around $1,500 and a total drainage makeover will cost you anywhere from $2,000  to $6,000. Depending on who you choose to do the job, a company might charge based on square footage or by the scale of the project. If you're having problems in the basement, it might have to do with your gutters or downspouts, which could be an easier fix to either unclog them or reroute their drainage direction. The goal of waterproofing is to keep the relative humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air at a certain temperature, below 50%. 


How To Estimate Waterproofing

You'll need to evaluate where the problems are before you start estimating your costs. If your drainage needs to be completely redone, this is a much larger problem than if one of your walls just needs to be sealed off. In extreme cases, the foundation might be what's causing the actual problems. You may need to add soil near the base of your home and slope it away from the structure to reduce or eliminate the odds of water seepage. Crawlspace or basement waterproofing starts with applying a protective seal or membrane for better moisture control. If it's difficult to reach the necessary areas, depending on how the home is designed, the costs will likely be higher. If you're hesitant to take this measure though, consider the fact that water in the home can attract termites by the thousands. 


Contact Clint Miller Exterminating 

Mold and moisture are hazardous to your home and your health. Harmful bacteria and fungi can cause people in the home to cough, sneeze, or just generally feel stuffed up on an everyday basis. Water gets into your appliances and shorts your circuits. So while it's certainly an investment to call a professional, you'll almost certainly save money and hassle. In addition to using your exhaust fans and opening the vents, basement or crawlspace waterproofing can go a long way toward keeping you and everyone indoors safe. If you're looking for waterproofing estimates, Clint Miller Exterminating is here to help. We can up moisture barriers that will prevent water from degrading your property. 



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