• Jul 24, 2018
What Are The Different Types of Invading Ants?

You do your best to keep your home nice and clean, free of debris and any scraps of food that might wind up attracting ants. But somehow, ants have forced their way into your house and you’re having a difficult time getting rid of them with the usual ant control solutions available at your local home improvement center. 

When traditional ant spray or bait doesn’t do the trick, you can solve the problem with professional pest control experts. This is not a task to put off for very long. Harmful effects of ants include contaminating and ruining your food and in cases of harmful species, bites that can sting and provoke a painful reaction.

Nothing ruins a party like an infestation of ants. They’ll put a damper on events, whether you are hoping to enjoy a nice picnic in your backyard or want to host a get-together inside without fear of small bugs embarrassing you and bothering your guests.

Types of Ants in North Carolina

What are the different types of invading ants? Property owners in North Carolina may think all ants are basically the same. But upon closer inspection, scientists are able to identify different types of ants in a colony. 

Approximately 193 ants can be found in North Carolina, according to AntWeb. Names of ants calling North Carolina home include Formica difficillisLaslus alienus and Myrmica americana. Common names for invading ants that you may already be familiar with in North Carolina include pharaoh ants, odorous house ants and pavement ants. 

Ants may sneak inside your kitchen cupboard after detecting a spilled glob of honey outside the jar or because they are seeking refuge inside warm electronic devices like your home office computer. Once they find a source of food or water, you can see a steady stream of ants in a line as they pour inside your dwelling.

The team at Clint Miller Exterminating has experience in locating and identifying all types of ants in North Carolina and we are standing by to sort out your ants problem so you can get back to enjoying your home in peace with your family.

Attracted to Your Food and Maybe Interested in Biting You

While ants are small, some of them can pack a powerful bite. This alone could motivate your kids to avoid leaving candy out (think of the temptations to ants every time Halloween trick-or-treaters bring their bags of candy home!). 

Not all ants pose a painful threat to people, but types of ants that bite include:

* Fire ants

* Carpenter ants 

* Acrobat ants

* Pavement ants

Ant bites can be annoying at minimum, but for some people, ants can provoke an allergic reaction when bitten. Minor cases of ant bites can be treated with antihistamines or by rubbing a soothing salve, but sometimes the person’s allergic response requires medical intervention to avoid anaphylaxis. 

So, do your best to avoid ants if you detect them on your property in case their bites will cause problem, and then eliminate the infestation yourself or hire professionals if the situation is severe.

How Do I Find Professional Ant Control Near Me?

Have you seen ants inside your home? Whether you have a colony of carpenter ants or are being troubled by a procession of light brown ants making headway toward your pet’s food dish, sometimes the problem becomes too hard to take care of on your own. When you need help to get rid of ants in your home, you can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the experts at Clint Miller Exterminating. If you need help identifying the types of ants in a colony or are ready to have them removed, we urge you to connect with us as soon as possible.



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