• Jan 10, 2018
What Causes Cockroaches To Be In Your House

Your house is so clean you could eat off the floors, but you just saw a cockroach. You may be wondering, “Why do I have cockroaches in my clean house?” It doesn't matter how clean the house is, you could see a sudden appearance of cockroaches, especially if they are looking for warm, moist places to hide out. And, if you found one cockroach in house, you can be sure there are more.

What Attracts Cockroaches in Your Home?

These resilient bugs are looking for a place to live. Several things may attract them, including food and water. This means crumbs that fall unnoticed, water that may be dripping in a sink, pet bowls with food and water, trash, bird feed and cardboard. You won't be able to starve them out, either. Even if your home is immaculate, you may still see roaches because they are able to live for up to three months without food.

Open trash also attracts cockroaches. Keep the trash covered and if you throw food scraps away, be sure to take the trash outside. Even the smell of empty food containers will attract roaches. Instead of using a large trash bag, use smaller bags. Throw them in a larger bag every day to keep the trash out of your house.

You may also unwittingly bring roaches into your home when you bring in boxes, appliances and electronics. Generally, you'll find them in used appliances and electronics. These items are heated or warm and create the perfect environment for roaches to hide.

Where Do Roaches Hide?

Cockroaches look for warm, dark and damp places to hide. They like to hide in cardboard and in dark places near a water source. Bathrooms and kitchens are favorite places for cockroaches. One of the questions we commonly hear is, 'Where do cockroaches come from in the bathroom?' Roaches will crawl up the openings where the pipes come into the house. The bathroom is often warm and humid, creating a favorite living place for them. These critters also like the kitchen area because of the available water source and, more often than not, available food source.

Additional favorite places include garages, shelving, books, boxes and basements. If you use an attic for storage, you may also find roaches there, though it's not as common since attics are not usually damp.

What Can I Do to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Since cockroaches make their way in from outside, you'll need to start with the exterior of the house. In addition to spraying for bugs, make sure the yard is maintained. Keep thatch picked up, keep bushes away from the house and make sure any standing water has been removed. Keep empty flower pots dry and preferably in a garden shed or garage so they don't collect water.

Don't allow water to puddle in the yard. Fill in those low areas or install French drains to divert the water to an area with better drainage or to landscaping that is away from the house. Keep the gutters and drains clear.

Locate any cracks or other openings on the outside of the house and seal them with foam insulation. This includes where pipes and wires go into the house. Make sure doors and windows are sealed properly.

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

Once you learn what attracts cockroaches in apartment buildings and your home, you will be able to limit their access. Once you block all of the entrances, contact Clint Miller Exterminating to spray your home and the exterior of your home to kill cockroaches and any other bugs that may be looking for food, water and shelter.

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