• Feb 26, 2014
What Fire Ants Are and How to Remove Them

Fire ants are making their march across the United States at an alarming pace. The red imported fire ants native to South America first started appearing in the 1930’s, and by 1996, they were found in much of the southeastern area of the country, as shown in the first map below.  Now they have spread even further, covering about 1/3 of the country, as shown in the second map below.

Fire Ants Map


Fire ants are one of the most dreaded of all ant species because of their stinging bite and aggressive nature. Just coming close to a nest raises the alarm, and hundreds of fire ants will attack. Their venom is really quite potent and can even kill small animals, including household pets. They are also attracted to electricity and have been found to damage electric lines and outdoor lighting.

The most difficult part about removing fire ants is getting close enough to administer the poisonous bait and doing the application in a safe way to avoid endangering wildlife and pets. Fire ants will carry the bait into the colony where it will kill all the ants.

It is important to do this step correctly because red imported fire ants are very crafty. They mobilize quickly at the first sign of trouble and migrate survivors to a new location. This is why ineffective treatments often end up exacerbating the problem and resulting in multiple ant mounds throughout the yard. Using a professional pest control company to remove fire ants is the best way to deal with these tricky and aggressive ants.


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