• Jun 26, 2018
What is a Pest Exterminator? Pest Control

Your home has recently been supporting a number of new and unwanted guests. Unfortunately for your family, you cannot reason with these visitors, since bugs, insects, rats and other vermin will only respond to the “get lost” message delivered by pest control professionals. As a prudent homeowner in North Carolina, you would like to have a better sense of what is a pest exterminator before you reach out and hire one.

What Is the Difference Between Pest Control and Exterminator?

You may hear the terms “pest control” and “exterminator” and think they mean the same exact thing. But there is a difference between pest control and exterminator that homeowners should keep in mind.

An exterminator’s job is to seek out and kill all unwanted vermin at the premises. On the other hand, pest control will include killing bugs, insects, rats, squirrels as needed (in as humanely a fashion as possible).

Pest control has to do with non-lethal methods too, such as keeping the area clean and free of any food debris or other attractants, sealing up entry ways such as cracks in walls or the space between the bottom of a door and the floor. Also, it’s important to repair any leaky faucets, since water will attract thirsty vermin.

Why Use an Exterminator?

Not all pest infestations can be handled by ordinary homeowners. To ensure that all the insects or animals are truly gone, you have to rely on professionals with years of experience in the industry, such as the team at Clint Miller Exterminating. 

As an example: Like many homeowners, you may be most curious about what do exterminators do for roaches. Our team will inspect your premises to determine the extent of the problem. Then, we can put out gel bait, identifying the best locations to position them for maximum effectiveness. 

We may need to apply bait treatment outside too, if any of the roaches are of the type typically found outdoors, such as wood roaches. An exterminator will scour the entire property, including going into tight areas such as crawl spaces, which homeowners are typically not very skilled in doing on their own.

What to Do Before Exterminator Comes

When signs of a pest invasion become obvious, there’s no time to waste. There are things you can do immediately before your pest control professional arrives on the scene. So, knowing what does an exterminator do can help put you in the mindset of tasks to cut down on the problem before your pest control appointment arrives.

Put away toys and other items that young children will want to play with and put in their mouths if you are having exterminators come in to spray pesticides. Tour your home and property to look for signs of infestation, including rat or mouse droppings or trails of ants.

Check if there is damage, such as pests eating your garden or chewing through wooden fences. Now would be a good time to trim any tree branches that are close to touching your property, as noted by Humane Pest Control Tips. And speaking of trees, do not store stacks of firewood close to your home, as they attract pests as places to hide and live in.

What to Do After Pest Control Sprays

The necessary effort that goes into pest control doesn’t end when the pesticide spraying stops. Responsible homeowners want to know what to do after pest control sprays. 

* Make a point of cleaning up spilled food, drinks and spatters from grease when cooking to avoid attracting new pests

* Seal up cracks around the house to discourage more bugs from sneaking in

* Store food in airtight containers as soon as you bring it home from the market, such as a box of cereal or some pasta.

* Stay vigilant and contact your pest control professional for a follow-up treatment if you ever see pests returning after treatment.

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