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  • Nov 10, 2014
What Makes For a Successful Extermination Service Provider?

When it comes to finding a reliable and effective


service, it is important to understand what you should expect from your service provider.  There are many important characteristics of a good extermination service provider, and we have included a list to help you recognize them.  We want you to have a good experience with whichever pest control service provider you choose.

  1. Up-front & Honest - Any service provider should always be up-front and honest.  You should know what you are paying for and how much it will cost.  There should not be additional charges for services you did not request or approve.  
  2. Reputable - It is helpful to look at reviews of local service providers, as well as talk to friends and neighbors for referrals.  Here at Clint Miller Exterminating, we have over 30 years of experience in Mt. Pleasant, Concord, Albemarle, Salisbury, Charlotte and surrounding areas.  We have worked hard for our solid reputation!
  3. Pre-Service Communication - It is important that you are comfortable with your service provider before the service is performed.  You should know what to expect from your extermination service, how much it will cost, and what you can do to be prepared. Your home should be given a thorough inspection.  A good provider will also tell you what to expect from your technician. They should arrive professionally dressed and immediately provide identification.
  4. Effective Methods - This means that your service provider is up-to-date on modern technologies and practices.  This will assure you the best results from your service.
  5. Post-Service Communication - Your service provider should give you recommendations for follow-up treatments.  This will help prevent further pest control problems.  

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