• Jul 10, 2018
What To Do Before Pest Exterminators Come

Keeping clean often requires professional intervention, but customers who need help in this area sometimes get in their own way and make the job harder to accomplish. For example, have you ever felt slightly guilty if you didn’t brush your teeth before coming in to see your dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning? 

Of course, you are quite aware that the dental professional will be giving your teeth a thorough cleaning, but this doesn’t mean you should slack off in between visits. Some preparation on your part will make things go more smoothly—and this is the same for people who are getting ready for exterminator services in their home.

While it is certainly an excellent idea for most homeowners to arrange for pest control professionals to come by on a regular basis to get rid of pesky bugs such as roaches from the property, you shouldn’t feel as though your effort is over after you finish booking an appointment. With that in mind, here is what to do before pest exterminators come.

What to do before the pest exterminator enters your home

Despite your best efforts to keep pests from invading your home, they can sneak in through tiny cracks or hitch a ride inside boxes that you bring home from the store. When their infestation grows severe, it can be difficult for average homeowners to solve the problem. This is when it’s time to call in the professionals.

It’s a good idea to prepare before they arrive. You can write up a basic pest control preparation sheet to help you and your family take care of things before the exterminator comes. So, after you ask about finding “pest control near me,” your next question should be, “what can we do before the appointment?”

Clean your home and always stay on top of basic maintenance chores—fix water leaks, sweep and vacuum on a regular basis. Examine food stored in your pantry for evidence of bug larvae, and get rid of it immediately if discovered. 

When considering how to do pest control, preparation includes steps to take to protect your family’s health. This means putting away food and dishes. Any small appliances, such as a coffee maker or a toaster should also be removed from the area being treated by pest control professionals.

Remember to consider your home’s exterior, too. Do not water your lawn on the day our exterminator arrives (it’s okay to water your lawn a day or two before or after treatment). Put away toys on the lawn as well as inside where any treatment will be done by the exterminator.

When the Job Is Finished

Many homeowners are curious about what to do after exterminator sprays. You’ll be given information about how long to wait before it’s okay to go back inside and resume your normal routines. 

If you’ve been having problems with pests that you can trace back to being attracted by food scraps or water from a dripping faucet, your next tasks should include setting up a chore chart and schedule to remind you to keep things cleaner. Repair any leaking faucets to keep this source of water from attracting pests going forward.

Identify clutter and loose stacks of unneeded paper that you can get rid of too. Check your garbage and recycling containers to make sure they stay sealed up. Otherwise, they will attract more pests, which will often wind up trying to enter your house after they’ve scoured the garbage pails for food.

Are Pests Causing Problems In Your Home?

Homeowners who are focused on finding “an exterminator near me” as soon as possible because of an infestation will be glad to know that professionals from Clint Miller Exterminating are standing by to help. To learn more about our approach to pest control or to arrange for service in your home in North Carolina, give us a call today!


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